Preserve Our Western Heritage

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

Preserving our Western Heritage is a personal goal of Bill and Jan Pearson.

Bill’s hobby is making Indian artifacts and of course he always wears his cowboy hat!!

We have built a first class rodeo arena here at the ranch and for seven years have put on rodeos for youth of all ages.

We have been voted rodeo producers of the year, but our greatest rewards have come from the graduated youth. It is such a pleasure to see them attending college on rodeo scholarships and winning professional rodeos. We swell with pride when attending an event they are participating in. Often they recognize us and come and give us a big hug for providing the place and opportunity that helped them to get where they are today! It is a dream of ours that we realize over and over again.

If they are willing to put in the effort to train and compete, it is up to us to provide a place for them to learn and perfect these abilities, and we will make every effort to continue to do this at Pearson Ranch.

To have been brought up in this dispensation of time is wonderful, however, we don’t ever want to forget our roots, and what our forefathers have done for us.

When we learn about our heritage, we find hard work and self reliance. We learn to appreciate the beauty of natural things and the feel of the beautiful surroundings.

The Pearson Ranch / BJP Youth Ranch has one of the most beautiful settings imaginable-- the sunrise and sunsets, the closeness of the stars, and the smell of fresh air.

It is our hope that “our” youth can experience all of this at one time or another, and that it will effect the rest of their lives for the better.

We have volunteers in the Mountain Man Association and will continue to set up 1800’s camps and teepees and teach the youth self reliance. They show their pride in the trades they produce through their skills. It is so interesting to learn all that they have to share with us, showing us how it was in the “old west”! Many of these occasions will be open to the public as well, for it is important for ALL to see and hear.

We also have “modern day” lessons such as roping lessons by World Champion Gary Ledford, who also taught us how to use our new “Horse Saver” for roping. Gary Ledford developed this fine piece of equipment and it is here for the youth to practice with, at no charge.

World Champion Bull Fighter, Andy Burelle put on a bull fighting school! Can you imagine a 13-year old girl learning how to put her hand on the head of a son of Bodacious and not getting hurt?! Incredible!

Our local veterinarians and farriers have also been on hand to teach the importance of dentistry in horses, as well as other important health maintenance issues. Have you ever seen the inside of a horse’s mouth? Have you ever picked up a horse’s foot and picked a stone out of it? Our ‘kids’ have.




Hope we don’t see any bandits!

Checking Shot Gun

War Club -1

Bill’s Hobbies

War Club -4

Reese Collins trying out the horse  saver

Battered woman & children group from West Plains enjoying Western Heritage Day's at the ranch

Battered woman & children group from West Plains enjoying Western Heritage Days at the ranch



Gary Ledford & Chrystal Meek on Horse Saver

Gary Ledford, World Champion, instructing Chrystal Meek on a horse saver

War Club - Red-White Jaw bone 1

War Club - Red-White Jaw bone 1

War Club Dbl Horn 2003

Bill’s Hobbies

Bill's Hobbies

Bill's Hobbies

Belt Hatchet 12-03 2

Belt Hatchet

Copy of Stagecoach Bill & Jan May 21 2005

Copy of Stagecoach Bill & Jan


Lutie School kids with Mountain Man Ken Schutt

David Bushner -Scott Stevens- Movie Set - Blood On The Brazos

David Bushner -Scott Stevens- Movie Set - Blood On The Brazos

Ken Schuett - Mountain Man

Ken Schuett - Mountain Man

Neighbor David Bushner in movie

Neighbor David Bushner in movie

Rasp Battle Axe - Randy

Rasp Battle Axe - Randy

War Club  - Jaw Bone Braided Horse Hair 1

War Club - Jaw Bone Braided Horse Hair 1

Western Heritage Festival

Western Heritage Festival

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