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“Some of the benefits”--


* Cooler air temperature makes breathing more pleasant.
  * Safe for those concerned with cardiovascular risk factors.
   * Stimulates increased blood circulation.
     * Relaxation & enjoyment: Remove stress in comfortable warmth.
      * Pain relief from arthritis, back pain, spasms, headache, etc.
        * Outstanding caloric consumption and weight control.
         * Passive cardiovascular conditioning effect.
           * Firm and improved skin tone and elasticity.
            * Detoxifies and cleans body of accumulated toxins.
              * May be used for pre-activity “warm up” while fully clothed

The Only Far-Infrared Brand
for True Results

   Since founding the industry in 1983, many companies have spawned off our trade and product designs over the past decades, and quite frankly, they are not doing a good job. The only thing other companies have mastered is the ability to claim benefits from EZe Products as their own, and market their products under the umbrella of EZe’s cutting-edge technology. Fancy names for heaters and gaudy designs have changed the industry from what was once a sincere approach to upgrade the lives and health of people. We now witness over 30 so-called infrared sauna brands available; creating little entertainment rooms where you could possibly do everything else like watch TV, a DVD and listen to your car stereo system, all of those things except true far-infrared therapy.

Internationally Patented Technology:
All you copycats out there!

   Companies now offer "carbon heaters" they claim are tested in Japan. Testing alone is not the same as researching, developing, and manufacturing them in Japan. Since the first appearance of our internationally patented Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters in our product lineup beginning 2002, companies felt compelled to make their own. Since gimmicks are well-crafted tricks for the sale, claiming brilliant results for an actually mediocre product. The fact makes it all simple, their heaters are made in China and Taiwan; cutting-edge technology does not result from those factories.

The One & Only:
EZe Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters

   The moment you sit in an EZe far-infrared system, you will understand, there truly is nothing comparable to EZe's technology. There are over 621 cubic square inches of surface heating are per panel for you to lean up against. EZe Micro-Carbon Fiber Flat Heaters emit the softest and deepest penetrating far-infrared radiant heat. They heat up to maximum temperature in 2 minutes and will always emit a steady 4.1-16.3 micron range of pure far-infrared throughout your sessions.

The Only Sauna You Will Ever Need

   Owning an EZe far-infrared system is not a huge commitment on your part, but our units will be 100% committed to you anytime you want. Whether you are using it on a daily basis or a few times a week, you will feel and see results. Your EZe Products far-infrared sauna can be the answer to many areas of your health. You will definitely sweat out & eliminate toxins, soothe aches & pains that you would not otherwise be able to, loosen joint stiffness & decrease arthritis. In addition, your EZe far-infrared sessions will also promote a faster recovery time for both external and internal bodily injuries when they occur. Using your EZe Products unit for at least 3 sessions a week (at an average of 30 minutes) will benefit you with full body therapy.

Why True FAR-infrared is Essential

   All living specimens have been benefiting from far-infrared, to an extent, since the beginning of light. So what is far-infrared and what is its origin? We will help you understand exactly what far-infrared (also known as FIR) is and why it is the answer for you!

What is FAR-infrared?

   This truly beneficial far-infrared originally comes to us from the sun. The full light spectrum is produced by the sun, and within the scale of that spectrum at 0.75 to 1000 micron is infrared (IR). Moreover, 80 percent of the solar energy is made up of infrared waves. And within that 80 percent of that infrared is far-infrared. Keep in mind that along with a light source there is heat, but infrared is not just any heat. It is the essential radiant heat needed by living organisms to rejuvenate blood flow and deliver oxygen proportionally throughout the body.

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